About the Area - Frisco, TX

about the area - Frisco,tx

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Frisco, tx

Frisco is a city spread between Collin and Denton counties. Part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. With a population of nearly 170,000, Frisco was named the fastest growing city in the United States in 2009. Known as a "bedroom community" for the professionals working in Dallas, Frisco is a popular place to live for those trying to escape the bustle of the big city.



Local Attractions - Frisco, TX
  • Museum of the American Railroad - This local attraction has been a favorite since it opened in 1962. The museum collects artifacts to share with the public for educational purposes. Several schools and universities work together with the museum to provide aid in research.
  • Frisco Commons - Come on out to Frisco Commons - a wide open park with beautiful coastal lines. The Commons includes a park, a playground, a bike trail, an ampetheater, and more!
  • Arbor Hills Nature Preserve - The Arbor Hills Nature Preserve offers a biking and hiking trail, a 200-acre park, a pavillion, and a park. This incredible nature preserve is is filled with beautiful views and the perfect back drop for a fun afternoon out.
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Frisco offers some great choices when it comes to food!

Best Restaurants & Local Attractions | Frisco TX

  • Estilo Gaucho Brazilian Steakhouse an upscale, classy steakhouse with top-rated reviews on TripAdvisor.
  • Hutchin's BBQ is one of the highest rated restaurants in the area. Frisco is known for its barbecue, and this is one of the best places around!
  • Blaze Pizza is the perfect place for a quick bite of food with friends or the family. It's known for its pizza, but it also has rave reviews for its brownies.



Arts & Culture | Frisco, TX


  • National Video Game Museum - This exciting new museum is aiming to start a new trend of fun and interactive exhibits. From booking birthday parties to examining what's next in the world of virtual reality, this fun museum is the perfect getaway for rainy days!
  • Frisco Heritage Museum - Curious to know more about the heritage of your hometown? This incredible museumoffers a perfect afternoon with the kids!
  • Sci-Tech Museum - This museum is a favorite for kids and adults alike. With interactive exhibits and plenty of learning opportunities, this museum is a local favorite.

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