Kitchen Remodeling Cost Vs Value in Dallas TX

Kitchen Remodeling

Cost vs Value

basic kitChen remodel

$20,000 - $35,000

The basic kitchen remodel covers aesthetic updates and minimal layout changes. On average, a basic kitchen remodel without any upgrades or high end materials will include:

  • existing layout
  • paint or stain existing cabinets
  • granite counter tops
  • new undermount sink, faucet, and garbage disposal
  • new tile floors and baseboards
  • new backsplash
  • paint walls and ceilings

Mid-Level Kitchen Remodel

$35,000 - $50,000

The mid-level kitchen remodel is our most popular options. Though this is different for every home and every family, an average mid-level kitchen remodel includes:

  • everything from a basic kitchen remodel, plus:
  • updated layout (including appliance layout)
  • removal of walls or adjust layout
  • new cabinets
  • upgraded granite or quartz/silestone countertops
  • new vent hood with exterior exhaust
  • new upgraded flooring

Upscale Kitchen Remodel


Upscale kitchen remodels are essentially all-inclusive. We anticipate your family's needs, desires, and consider all possible upgrades for optimal form, function, and utility. Though each case is different, the average upscale kitchen remodel includes:

  • everything from the mid-level kitchen remodel, plus:
  • highly customized cabinets
  • high end finishes, including exotic countertop materials
  • large scale updated layout (ceilings, walls, beams, etc.)
  • upgraded fixtures and finishes



When remodeling your kitchen in the Dallas area, you are doing more than simply making the heart of your home more beautiful.

If your kitchen remodeling is done carefully and with consideration, it adds value to your home. Adding value to your home increases its resale value, meaning if you were to sell it then it you would make more money back. Learn more about how remodeling your kitchen can increase its value.

Of course, each renovation is on a case by case basis. These numbers are meant to be used as a broad scope guide for those considering and researching which level of remodel their kitchen requires.

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