Why You Should Hire a Full-Service Contractor for Your Whole-Home Remodel Project in the North Dallas Area

Posted by Matt Ates | August 02, 2017

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                Ready to begin your whole-home remodel in Dallas? Then the starting point is finding the right contractor. A Google search can generate hundreds of suggestions for local construction companies and independent employees, but unless you have a solid recommendation from a trusted source, it can be difficult to know where to start.

                Today, let’s talk about narrowing down those options. We’ll take a look at whether hiring independent contractors or a full-service contractorin the North Dallas area gives you the best experience during renovation and the best results after renovation.

Financial Factors

                Probably the number one reason given for choosing independent contractors over a full-service contractor is that doing so can cut down on the overall expense of a project. The rationale for this claim is that you’ll be paying for individual services rather than overhead management.

                This claim can be deceptive, though. Up front, it may look like a full-service contractor charges more than individual contractors, but there are often several hidden fees involved when you’re cobbling together separate services.

                Often, independent contractors work on an hourly basis rather than a per-project basis, so your laborers won’t always come with a high work ethic or a sensitivity to unnecessary time spent on the job.

Even if your workers are self-motivated, there may be unexpected legal expenses involved. For instance, if your laborer is working on an hourly basis, you may end up having to pay overtime or having to deal with income taxes, social security, unemployment, and Medicare expenses. (Click here for more legal details on hiring independently.)           

Time and Stress Considerations

                Time is money, and the biggest gift a full-service contractor in the North Dallas area can give you is the ability to maintain your life and schedule during renovation. If you’ve never renovated or never renovated on a large scale, it can be easy to visualize the way a renovation should go, but the reality is that renovations can present unexpected challenges.

Even if every component of craftsmanship is flawlessly executed, homes themselves often provide surprises such as water damage, asbestos, uneven joints, etc. that require adjustments to plans during renovation.Having a full-service contractor means that you are no longer responsible for making decisions on how to handle the technicalities of every minor issue, and the person who is in charge has the expertise to know how to call the shots in a way that gives you the best return on your investments.

So instead of being bound to the house to monitor progress and manage laborers, you can rest easy and escape during loud and disruptive phases of construction.

Long-Term Quality Concerns

                Best of all, your full-service contractor assumes responsibility for everything done (or left undone) on the job site. At the end of the day, your whole-home remodeler is directly answerable for every component of the project. They can’t play a blame game with other contractors, and since their reputation is on the line, they are careful to protect it.

                Whereas independent contractors rely on one-off jobs for their income, full-service contractors earn their reputation and repeat clients based on their ability to provide a satisfactory experience, so they won’t abandon you if the job goes south, nor leave as soon as it’s finished.

At Thaddeus Drew, for instance, we have a professional cleaner come to tidy every spot affected by the renovation. We also protect our clients with a one-year warranty, so you can trust our work and rest assured that if an issue does arise, we’ll be back to fix it.

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