Why Winter is the Best Time to Plan Your Dallas Remodeling Project

Posted by Matt Ates | January 06, 2018

Why Winter is the Best Time to Plan Your Dallas Remodeling Project.jpgWith spring just around the corner, it’s time to start planning your exterior remodeling projects now so that when the warm weather hits, you and your contractor will have plans in hand. Accomplishing your outdoor remodeling goals in the spring also allows you to more fully enjoy the longer daylight hours of the upcoming summer months. Here’s our spring remodeling checklist for making your home more pleasant and functional and increasing your Dallas curb appeal.

Build Outdoor Deck or Three-Season Room

One of the most popular outdoor projects going into summer is constructing an outdoor deck or three-season room. Both of these are wonderful options for expanding your hosting space for summer parties or relaxing with family in the evenings. These additions inexpensively expand your home’s usable square footage while encouraging a nearness to nature.

According to the 2017 Cost vs Value report for the North Dallas area, a 16-by-20-foot composite deck with a built-in bench and planter costs $16,896, while a wooden deck of the same dimensions costs $9,963. A composite deck with one 16-by-20-foot platform and a second 10-foot-diameter platform with built-ins, railings, lights, and a custom look costs $38,173.      

Replace Siding, Roofing, Garage Door, Front Door, Windows, and Patio/Driveway

If you’re looking to increase your Dallas home curb appeal, maintenance is always the best place to begin. Like a new wardrobe or a well-exercised physique, a well-cared for home exterior dramatically boosts your home’s overall image. Besides landscaping, consider replacing siding, roofing, your garage door, your front door, and your front patio and driveway. (Note that spring and summer are the best months to replace roofing since heat helps the tar seal fully.)

The same Cost vs Value report cites siding replacements costing $13,611, roofing replacements costing $20,267, garage door replacements costing $3,244, a grand entryway door costing $8,299, and backyard patios costing $49,360. Vinyl window replacements are estimated at $15,094, and wooden window replacements come in at $18,314.

Most of these are relatively inexpensive ways to maintain your home’s functionality and appearance. Replacing windows and doors will also lower your heating and cooling utility bills since newer models are more air tight.

Build a Home Addition

If you find that reorganizing and remodeling your existing space simply isn’t affording you enough square footage for your needs, it’s time to consider investing in an addition. Of course, you’ll need to check Dallas city zoning laws and work with your contractor to approve all plans. Since the process may take a while, it’s best to begin planning your outdoor project during winter months.

Here are estimated costs for the most popular additions: a 6-by-8-foot bathroom addition costs $41,514, and a 100-square foot master bathroom addition costs $78,440. A 16-by-24-foot master bedroom addition with a small closet and bathroom costs $114,682, and a 32-by-20-foot master bedroom addition with a large and high-quality bathroom, closet, and hospitality bar costs $242,409. A 16-by-25-foot family room addition costs $84,527. A 24-by-16-foot two-story addition with a bedroom, bathroom, and family room costs $172,225.

A Note on the Number Listed Above

Note that the figures cited here are according to the Remodeling 2017 and Cost vs. Value Report ( for the Dallas, TX, area. (© 2017 Hanley Wood Media Inc. Complete data from the Remodeling 2017 Cost vs. Value Report can be downloaded free at These reports list all projects in detail. Note that some of these project costs are expected to rise in 2018

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