Why It's Best to Work with a Design and Build Remodeler

Posted by Matt Ates | February 01, 2018

Why It's Best to Work with a Design and Build Remodeler .jpgEver since the advent of the internet, when an enormous amount of information was made readily accessible, there has been a strong cultural shift toward a DIY mentality. There are many benefits to this trend, including saving money and learning new skills, but there are also scenarios in which it’s far more advantageous to hire expert help instead of trying to do too much on your own. One of these scenarios is home renovation. Here’s why you should contract a design build company for home remodeling services in Dallas, TX.

Save Time

Undeniably, one of the chief benefits of hiring expert help is that doing so greatly expedites your project timeline. When undertaking a renovation on your own, you have to educate yourself on each new project phase and then try to find time to complete it after work and between other family and life demands.

Even seemingly simple projects like opening your floor plan by taking down a wall pose multifaceted challenges, such as how to make sure your wall isn’t load-bearing or how to build beams and columns to support it if it is, how to reroute electrical lines, how to smoothly patch floors, walls, and ceilings, etc. A team of already-educated experts who work at the project full time, on the other hand, will be in and out of your home and produce a polished result very quickly.

Save Money

The reason most people undertake DIY projects is to save money, but frankly, this doesn’t always pan out as expected. If you’re undertaking a renovation project on your own, you’ll have to find and buy all your own tools (bearing in mind that the quality of your project is related to the quality of your tools) as well as materials. If you make mistakes in finding what you need or in measuring and cutting what you have, you’ll have to eat the extra cost.

The worst case scenario is that after you’ve spent unnecessary money on mistakes, you’ll realize the project is more complex than you anticipated and you’ll have to hire professional home remodeling services to come in and salvage the project. Unfortunately, this is the story of some of our customers, so we recommend taking the easy route the first time. Read Remodeling’s take on DIY home remodeling costs for more information on how to assess costs.

Save Quality

Many DIYers begin remodeling on their own because they have some experience with carpentry orrelated forms of manual labor. It’s important to realize, however, that one or two areas of expertise can’t carry a whole remodeling project successfully. With a full-service design build company, you’ll have a whole team of talent already in place, including home designers, architectural engineers, carpenters, plumbers, and electricians. Having one united team of specialized talent in every area will produce the high quality results you want in your home.

Save Trouble

Even supposing that you’re willing to wait a long time to accomplish your remodel and that you already have a workshop full of tools and expertise in every area of remodeling, you may not know the ins and outs of getting your project approved with the city. Each city has its own criteria for granting project permits, and it’s much easier to navigate this often complex process with an experienced guide who is already certified in your area.


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