What to Do with Extra Room in Your Dallas House

Posted by Matt Ates | August 28, 2017

Opening Thoughts

                A while back we spent some time talking about what to do when you don’t have enough space in your home, and we looked at the costs of some of the most popular home additions in Dallas, TX. Now, let’s talk about the opposite conundrum, the most desirable “problem” any homeowner can have: how to use the extra space in your home that’s idling.

Guest QuartersWhat to Do with Extra Room in Your Dallas House-1.jpg

If you enjoy hosting, a guest room and luxury bathroom should be at the top of your list for your home remodel. Whether your children are home from college, your out-of-state friends are visiting, or you want to make a little extra income by renting out a private wing of your home, there are several versatile uses for your guest room and bath.


What to Do with Extra Room in Your Dallas House-2.jpgBreakfast Nook

Less formal than a dining room, a breakfast nook is the perfect place to dine casually as a family. If your unused room is adjacent to an exterior wall, consider installing French doors or bay windows to introduce nature into your morning routine. If not, make your breakfast nook a cozy corner by a fireplace as pictured here.

theater RoomWhat to Do with Extra Room in Your Dallas House-3.jpg

This one’s for retirees with extra time as well as those in the prime of their careers. We all know that we can give our work more of our attention when we’ve taken time for ourselves to rest and rejuvenate. So take the license to design a room for you. Whether you’re a musical maverick, an art aficionado, a book buff, an exercise enthusiast, or a TV devotee, a theater room is the perfect place to build your personalized haven.


What to Do with Extra Room in Your Dallas House-4.jpgHome Office

                If you’re the type to take work home with you, you may want to devote a special place apart from the centralized buzz and activity of your home where you can focus and feel refreshed even while working. A home office is perfect for this. Your space will be hidden from the heart of the home, so make it yours. Decorate with your favorite colors and items, and arrange it in a manner that’s peaceful to you. Offices can also double as libraries and homework areas for kids.

wet or dry Bar areaWhat to Do with Extra Room in Your Dallas House-5.jpg

Indulgence is no bad thing, particularly when you indulge in something everyone can enjoy. If you don’t have a full-sized room to devote to a specialized purpose but you do have extra space to play with, consider creating an espresso nook or a wet bar. Your guests will love being pampered, and so will you.

Closing Thoughts

                There’s no problem we’d rather have than extra space in the home.This is your opportunity to experiment and be imaginative. So take the ideas above, and run with them. Entertain whimsy. Your home is your place to relax, and you should enjoy creating it. Take a look at our photo galleries for more inspiring ideas for you home remodel in and around Dallas.

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