Outdoor Living and Multi-Gen Features – Top Home Design Trends

By Matt Ates | December 06, 2017

Fluctuations in Home Design Trends

Home remodeling design trends never remain stagnant. Even design concepts that remain routinely prevalent fluctuate in popularity depending on economic stability and home owner demand. Two trends we have observed steadily growing since the economic housing downturn of 2012 are outdoor living areas and multi-generational accommodations. (All numbers below are according to the American Institute of Architects’ 2017 design trends survey.)

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Baby Boomers are Preparing for Retirement – Remodeling Pros

By Matt Ates | December 02, 2017

Statistics on Housing Trends for Retiring Baby Boomers

The start of each new phase in life brings with it the opportunity for ripple-effect change. Moving away to college, beginning a career, getting married, and having children are all commonly marked transitions that introduce many tangential opportunities for new lifestyle choices. A less frequently recognized but equally major new beginning is retirement.

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