Top 10 Home Design Trends You'll See in Frisco, Texas

Posted by Matt Ates | October 19, 2018

The city of Frisco, Texas, north of Dallas is enjoying a growth boom that has resulted in a variety of new homes being built and others undergoing remodeling projects. The housing in the Frisco area features many of these 10 top home design ideas.

Live It Out

Outdoor Living in Frisco, TexasNorth Texans love their outdoor activities, and their houses reflect that draw to nature. Over the past several years, patios and decks with a barbecue grill have expanded to become entire outdoor kitchens and living rooms outfitted with a full cooking setup, fashionable furniture, outdoor fireplaces, and more.

outdoor pool Frisco, Texas

The ubiquitous swimming pool also is going upscale, with infinity edges, hydrotherapy jets formerly reserved for spas, smartphone-connected technology, and upgraded lighting, tile and furniture.


All about the Kitchen

Kitchen design Frisco, Texas

Even in new homes or remodels that aren’t supersized, homeowners and buyers want everything to revolve around the kitchen. The open-floor plan lifestyle trend has been around for several years but shows no sign of waning. The kitchens often have Texas-sized islands that allow friends and family members to eat near the action, get involved in the food prep and other projects, or just hang out.

Texas sized kitchen island Frisco, Texas

These great rooms merge the kitchen, dining room, living room, and family room into one relatively open space that flows from one area to another. The kitchens often are appointed with gourmet touches such as professional-style gas ranges and stainless-steel appliances.


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Mixing It Up

fitting luxury into small spacesMixed-use developments such as The Canals at Grand Park, Stonebriar Commons, and Addison Circle are becoming more common as a way to concentrate living, shopping, working, and playing all in one neighborhood. The homes in such higher-density developments often aren’t as large as those in traditional suburban neighborhoods so are designed to fit more high-quality amenities into a smaller space.


Technology, Please

low water flow bathroom Frisco, TexasThis trend isn’t new, of course: People have always wanted the latest technological innovation, whether it was glass in their windows, gas jets for home lighting, or infrastructure to deliver the latest in wireless connectivity. Builders and remodelers are doing more to save electricity, with LED lighting and automated appliances, and to conserve water, with low-flow everything.


Spa Style

Spa Style Master Bath in Frisco, Texas

This home design trend can be found across the country, not just in Frisco. People want luxury in their master suites. That can take the form of large showers with multiple spray heads, high-end stone tiling, and frameless glass doors. Faucets and fixtures tend toward the luxurious in these expansive bathrooms, which also can feature soaking tubs and sitting areas, and even rustic fireplaces.

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Aging in Place

stepless entryway from driveway Frisco, TexasA majority of Americans say they want to stay in their own homes as they grow old, rather than move to a facility or retirement community. That means that new homes and remodeling projects increasingly include features to make life easier for older people who have vision, mobility, and dexterity challenges.


Lighting for aging in place Frisco, Texas

These features include zero-step walkways from the driveway to the front door, large windows for more light, more overhead and task lighting, lever door handles and faucets, grab bars masquerading as towel racks and toilet paper holders, and roll-in shower thresholds. The key to these improvements is that they are classy and don’t look like features from a hospital or nursing home.


Texas Style

texas style home exterior Frisco, TexasWhat exactly is Texas-style architecture? Experts will talk about the historical influences that have affected home styles in different regions of Texas, including Native American, Spanish and Mexican, and ranch life.


Texas style home Frisco Texas

In Frisco, you can find styles ranging all over the architectural map, but keep an eye out for craftsman, bungalow, prairie, and Hill Country influences.

Office at Home

home office Frisco, TexasHome offices continue to be in demand, for a variety of reasons—telecommuting is being allowed by more companies, workers laid off in the last recession often launch new companies from home, and workers in the “gig economy” need a place to lay their laptop.

Bonus room

Many new-home listings will mention a bonus room, which often ends up becoming someone’s home office.


Healthy Inside

FireplaceWhen they’re at home, Frisco residents want a healthy indoor environment, so they’re making choices for air and water quality and products that aren’t made with harmful materials or chemicals.

Don’t Forget Fido

This might not be for everyone, but we have seen new homes in Frisco that feature dog showers. It makes sense: Pets are becoming more like family members, and an elevated shower designed for your four-legged friends makes it so much easier to keep them clean.

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