Top 4 Design Ideas You Will See in Dallas Homes

Posted by Matt Ates | September 01, 2017

Opening Thoughts

                The summer months are coming to a close, but here in Dallas, we all know we can enjoy warm weather year round. This means two things: 1) the renovation season can easily extend into the fall and winter and 2) you still have time to get to some of those outdoor renovations you might have missed at the beginning of the summer. Today we’ll talk about some of the topexterior and interior designs in Dallas, TX, homes.

Outdoor – Swimming Pool Meets GardenTop 4 Design Ideas You Will See in Dallas Homes-1.jpg

                We’ll start on the outside of the home. These home owners love the organic beauty of their outdoor space, and it shows. While they did incorporate a man-made swimming pool, they fit it seamlessly into the environment by creating a whimsically-shaped pool that bends about a garden bank. There are even several tiny fountainheads to imitate the natural susurrus of a river.

Outdoor – Dinner Lounging

              Top 4 Design Ideas You Will See in Dallas Homes-2.jpg  For cooler seasons, rainy seasons, and evenings, consider creating a covered outdoor dining area. These homeowners enjoy informal dining near nature so much that they also created a large enough tiled footprint to include a lounging area overlooking a spacious lawn.This is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors with all the comfort of the indoors. (Many people even believe that dining outside may improve your health!)

Indoor – Creative Open Floor Plans

               Top 4 Design Ideas You Will See in Dallas Homes-3.jpg Now let’s look at indoor design ideas for home remodels in Dallas. We’ve all heard about, and many of us have implemented, the open-floor concept. While this works well in many homes, some people still prefer privacy. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, though. These homeowners, for instance, installed large, sliding glass doors between rooms that they may open and close as they please. They’ve still retained the light and flow of an open floor plan, but they’ve also created some visual and acoustic delineations between rooms.

Indoor – Geometric Windows

                Top 4 Design Ideas You Will See in Dallas Homes-4.jpgCreative glass use doesn’t apply only to doors. It can also apply to windows. In this home, the windows are strategically grouped together in the corner that receives the best light to illumine multiple rooms, making this creative cluster both a stylistic and a practical choice.


Closing Thoughts

                When you hire a whole-home remodeler, there are no limits to the creative designs you can implement into your own home remodel in Dallas. And with the availability of 3D rendering services at your disposal, you can feel free to experiment without charge to discover what you like and which top design ideas work well within your own home.

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