Remodeling Solutions for Your Small Bathroom

Posted by Matt Ates | December 07, 2018

Can you make a 40- or 50-square-foot bathroom feel like a comfortable, functional space? Yes you can! Take a look at these small-bathroom remodeling solutions.

Line Up the Fixtures

Line up the fixtures

A 40-square-foot bathroom that is relatively long and narrow can feel more spacious if the sink and toilet are placed on the same wall. In this case, the pedestal sink has a small base, to save space. A light, neutral color palette also creates a bright, open feel.

A Short Tub with Glass Panel

Short tub

If your space is exceptionally narrow, but you still want a tub, you can find them shorter than the standard 60 inches. Also, although it doesn’t technically save space, using a half-length glass panel to contain shower spray will visually extend the length of the room.

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Trough Sink, Wall-Mounted Faucets

When inches count, using a narrow, trough-style sink can give you more room to move around in the space. Another space saver is a wall-mounted faucet, as shown here.

Go Vertical with Storage

This bathroom makes the most of vertical space with to-the-ceiling shelving.


Corner Shelves

Here’s another smart way to use limited space: building shelves into the corner of the bathroom, next to the toilet.

virticle shelving

Corner Sink

In this case, the corner is used to tuck in a sink across from the toilet.

Banjo-Style Counter

Once again, even a little trick can add value in a tight space. A banjo-shaped counter extension over the back of the toilet gives this little bathroom another place for you to set things.

Toilet in the Wall


This bathroom uses a wall-hung toilet to save space. The toilet’s slim profile is made possible by recessing the tank inside the wall. This bathroom also features a super-narrow trough sink with the faucet on the side, leaving more of the small space open for movement.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors have been used for years to make rooms appear larger. This 60-inch-wide expanded vanity mirror not only doubles the visual length of the room, but it also allows two people to use the mirror at the same time.


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