Planning Your Kitchen Remodel for Maximum Storage

Posted by Matt Ates | September 10, 2017

Planning Your Kitchen Remodel for Maximum Storage.jpgOpening Thoughts

                Did you know that there’s a job description for “packaging engineers” whocan efficiently design item placement? If you think about it, every kitchen could use a personal packaging engineer. Today, we’ll be talking about how to bringawareness for how spaces function into your kitchen remodeling project in Dallas, TX. With a couple ideas and tricks up your sleeve, you can mastermind your kitchen remodel for increased cabinet storage space.

Add an Island

                Islands may be the most common storage solution, and they’re common for a reason. They create extra storage roomon every side while also providing extra prep work space above, making them a coveted kitchen option for anyone who has the floor space to accommodate them.

Go All the Way Up with your Uppers

                In homes with higher ceilings, a lot of kitchen remodeling companies cap upper cabinets early, bumping out the walls above them to kill dead space. This can be a solid stylistic choice if you’re worried about matching upper and lower cabinet proportions and a fair utilization choice if you’re worried about not being able to reach that high. But it also doesn’t encourage thorough space utilization.

                Instead, go ahead and extend those uppers all the way to the ceiling. You can ameliorate the design proportion issue by changing up the style of your top cabinet rows. As far as practical use objections, simply place lesser used items on your top shelves. If these include decorative serving dishes and trays, you can solve both stylistic and practical objections at once by creating glass or open cabinets for your top row.

Corner Cabinet Solutions

                Corner cabinets are notoriously awkward spaces to utilize, but if the proper cabinet hardware is installed, they can actually become a blessing rather than a problem. While lazy Susans are common solutions, they are still not the most spatially effective or easy to use.

                Thankfully, companies like Hafele are removing the uncomfortable stoop and peer routine with new, elegant, and user-friendly hardware like their Magic Corner I, Magic Corner II, and LeMans II Sets.

Utilizing Nooks and Crannies

                Using this same principle, look at your 3D rendering of your kitchen renovation and check for unused nooks and crannies. For instance, do you have a gap above your refrigerator where you were planning to bump out the wall? Instead, install a small cabinet to vertically house baking tins and sheets or store less frequently used items.

                Do you have some recessed counter space between upper and lower kitchen cabinets that you probably won’t use for food prep? Then extend the cabinet down and hide appliances like your kitchen aid mixer behind a roll-up cabinet door.

Closing Thoughts

                There are hundreds of ways to increase kitchen storage, and while most of them are layout-oriented, some of them have to do with thinking creatively. So why not let us help you? We’ve remodeled dozens of kitchens, and we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. Contact your kitchen remodeling company online to schedule an in-house consultation and collaboration meeting for your kitchen remodel project.