Learn About the Hottest New Home Design Trends

Posted by Matt Ates | January 27, 2018

Learn About the Hottest New Home Design Trends.jpgA couple weeks ago, we discussed the layout and style trends you’re likely to see in the most stylish kitchens of 2018. Today, we’ve broadened our scope and gathered information from Houzz predictions, Remodeling reports, and Pantone forecasts to highlight 2018’s overall home design trends, including styles, colors, patterns, and materials.


In 2018, the ever-popular trend towards minimalism continues to remain strong. Rather than being applied to everything—including colors, patterns, and materials—minimalistic design is now relegated more to the realm of spatial arrangements. Newer designs favor visually clean spaces, fewer furnishings, and only necessary appliances and fixtures, which are often disguised and hidden. Alongside minimalism, a trend toward rustic and farmhouse features grows. For instance, trough and bucket sinks are gaining popularity in kitchens.


Also in the kitchen, while white and gray remain always popular, a trend toward darker and two-toned cabinets is surfacing. Throughout the home, dark blues, blue-greens, and saturated plums are coming into vogue. Warm woods, wood treatments, and natural earth tones have come back into favor as well, perhaps to counterbalance increasingly utilitarian and technology-driven lifestyles.

Alongside these natural elements, intense splashes of color and futuristic, iridescent accents are coming into play as well. If generalities can be made about 2018’s diverse color pallet, it would be that natural tones are boldly and creatively paired alongside unapologetically bright hues for a complex and interesting effect.


Popular materials, of course, reflect popular color choices. Natural hardwoods are very much in, both in central furniture pieces and in smaller decorative items. Another popular material choice that reflects the marriage of manmade items and elements found in the natural world is metallics. Copper is especially popular, particularly in decorative accent pieces as well as in door and drawer hardware. Alongside this sleek metal appearance, fringes on blankets, pillows, and curtains are used to soften the overall ambiance.   


Patterns, both subtle and daring, will certainly be seen throughout many rooms in 2018 homes. Large botanical prints with contrasting colors will be used to add decorative interest, as will tidy and soothing geometric patterns. Wallpaper print tiles are more in use, and textiles continue to be popular as well on plaques, pillows, and other decorative items.

While minimalistic design remains fashionable, it is complemented by an intensity of color and pattern within the few and carefully selected pieces that remain. In all of these rising and continuing trends, customization reflecting the home owner’s personality is a priority.

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