Kitchen Designs Trending in 2019

Posted by Matt Ates | May 30, 2018

Fashion can be so fickle, even in the kitchen, and each designer has his or her own style and favorite looks. Still, you can get a good sense of what’s trending each year by looking around for common themes. Here are some design trends that will be showing up in 2019 in kitchens across the Dallas area and around the world.

Bye-bye White

It seems that designers have tired of the all-white kitchen and are adding what they love to call “pops” of color—in pendant lights, counter stools, blinds, backsplashes, upholstery, or cabinets.

Hello Black

Everyone’s talking about matte black, whether it’s on KitchenAid’s new cast-iron-finished stand mixer, a refrigerator, farmhouse sink, counter stools, or cabinet faces. If you’re not ready to go with an all-dark look, you still can use black as a dramatic accent color in your white kitchen.

Colored Cabinets

What do you do if you don’t want white cabinets anymore? Use color. Designers say it’s OK to mix cabinet colors, too—say natural-wood tone and a painted color. Hunter green is going to be big, in kitchens and elsewhere, and olive green has been seen, too.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights have so much going for them. They provide visual interest in a kitchen because there are so many interesting shapes, styles, and colors from which to choose. They hang over a work surface to provide task lighting, yet dimmer switches let you change the mood when it’s time for a quiet dinner at the counter. And in the ubiquitous open-plan kitchen/dining/family areas of modern homes, they can define a space for its own unique purpose.

Under Cover

In some ways, designers are responding to their clients’ desires for a clean look in the kitchen by cleverly concealing storage such as trash and recycling in drawers or tilt-outs, tucking away paper-towel holders and electrical outlets, and building spice racks and knife holders into roll-outs. Appliances also are becoming less visibly intrusive, with the increasing popularity of induction cooktops, slim-profile exhaust hoods, and deep drawers to hold small appliances that might have cluttered the counter in the past.

Out in the Open

On the other hand, open shelving is making inroads, with wood, glass, and metal shelves replacing upper cabinets in some new kitchens.

Bring in Nature

People who’ve had enough of slick and utilitarian are asking for natural touches. Some designers are incorporating more wood and natural stone, including river rock on backsplashes and wood on countertops—admittedly higher-maintenance but beautiful.

Big and Bold Backsplashes

About those backsplashes. Designers are sending them all the way to the ceiling in some kitchens, and you’ll see more bold statements in the tile, such as graphic elements and Spanish- and Morrocan-inspired designs, plus strongly colored grout in between.

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Contrasting Textures

Contrast almost always is good in design, and kitchens will be showing more contrast in texture. Look for cabinet fronts with inlaid brass, mirrored backsplashes, sandblasted timbers, glossy marble countertops, natural stone, beaded board, and shiplap co-existing in a variety of combinations.

Mixed Metals

The use of more than one finish on a kitchen’s plumbing and electrical fixtures and cabinet hardware will continue to be popular. Some designers say that rose gold had its brief run and now is fading away; instead, look for pewter and gunmetal finishes making an appearance in the kitchen.

Tech, Tech, Tech

No surprise here. Tablet-embedded fridges and countertops came out a few years ago, and the technology just keeps coming. Kitchens now have Wi-Fi-enabled coffee makers, ovens, and dishwashers that you can control from afar and bluetooth-connected single-pour wine preservation systems. What’s next?

What’s Out?

Just for fun, here’s a list of fashions that some designers say should be kicked out of the kitchen. You might not agree, and, after all, it is your kitchen.

  • Brown-toned granite countertops.
  • Mason jars.
  • Tuscan design.
  • Subway tiles
  • Graphic signs.
  • Nautical motifs.
  • Barn doors.
  • Edison light bulbs.


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