Kitchen Custom Cabinets: Ideas for Choosing Styles and Materials

Posted by Matt Ates | September 17, 2017

Kitchen Custom Cabinets Ideas for Choosing Styles and Materials.jpgOpening Thoughts

                The first step to knowing what youwantto choose for the custom cabinets in your Dallas kitchen remodeling project is knowing what you can choose. We’ve assembled some basic information on custom kitchen cabinet styles and materials for you to use as you plan your kitchen remodel.

Styles – Construction

                While we won’t go into great depth about cabinet construction here, there are a couple categories you’ll need to understand since they influence the type of cabinet faces you can choose. The two basic types of cabinet construction are framed cabinets and frameless cabinets.

                Framed cabinets have rails and stiles that form a one-and-a-half-inch face frame that is attached to the door front to provide stability and stylistic dimension. Because the face frame depth is greater, so are your style options.

                Frameless cabinets, on the other hand, are more sheer and modern looking. They have no face frames. Instead, the door is attached directly to the cabinet box, which is made thicker than a framed cabinet boxin order to provide the necessary stability and support. Within these two categories, there are further subdivisions.

Styles – Cabinet Faces

                Now that we have some basic construction terms in our tool belt, let’s talk about your options for cabinet face styles for your kitchen design in Dallas, TX. offers an excellent glossary of each cabinet face type, so we’ve combined these with a couple other types to form the comprehensive list below:

  1. Arched Cathedral: this style is often used in furniture like dressers, armoires, and buffet cabinets.A decorative groove that arches at the top is set around the cabinet’s perimeter.
  2. Beaded: beaded doors are all or partially comprised of bead board and are usually used in tandem with other styles since the texture can be too heavy on its own.
  3. Flat panel: these are literally flat panels of wood and are often incorporated into a minimalist kitchen.Occasionally, they are made withlight decorative moldings.
  4. Inset:inset cabinets have a recessed center and a raised perimeter.
  5. Mission:these are a type of flat panel, but they may have decorative wooden overlays. They are usually stained to emphasize the wood’s grain and used withheavy metal door pulls.
  6. Mullion: “mullion” is more or less a catch all to describe any decorative type of wood and glass combination.
  7. Raised Panel: these are essentially the opposite of inset cabinets and feature a raised center.
  8. Shaker: shaker faces are some of the most traditional and stable cabinet options. Their center is inset, but not drastically. Lines are narrow and simple.
  9. Slab:similar to flat panel cabinets, slab cabinets are even more minimalistic. They are smooth and typically large, flowing seamlessly into one another to produce an uninterrupted block of material. They are often used without drawer pulls.
  10. Open shelving: while not technically a “cabinet face” style, open shelving is an alternative, “no face” option that has become increasingly popular. Open shelves should be made with beautiful cabinet boxes since their interiors are exposed.

Materials Matter

                Finally, materials matter as much as style. While you may opt for non-traditional metal or glass components to introduce interest and texture into your kitchens, wood is still preferable stylistically and structurally for the majority of your kitchen space.

The best woods to use are ash, birch, cherry, hickory, hard maple, red oak, white oak, and pine. Each has a different look and feel. But remember, while all are gorgeous in their natural condition, you can adjust your color with stains, so emphasize grain and structural stability above color.

Now that you know the basics of construction, style, and material, go ahead and search images of each to see which type matches your renovation and overall home atmosphere best. To see some of these materials, styles, and style combinations at work in our own Dallaskitchen remodeling projects, click here.