Is Remodeling Seasonal in the Dallas Area?

Posted by Matt Ates | November 12, 2017

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One of the most frequently-asked questions in the remodeling world is: when is the best time to remodel? The answer, of course, depends on the particular project and parties involved as well as the place in which you live. Today, we’ve taken a look at home remodeling in Dallas and offer some advice for your upcoming project plans.

Dallas Weather

Most locations in the U.S. are restricted by weather. Outside projects, such as replacing roofs and building patios, are often relegated to summer months, which means it can be harder to secure a contract with your remodeling company of choice.

Fortunately for Dallas, TX, our climate is relatively temperate year round. According to Visit Dallas, the warmest summer month temperatures average between 74 and 95 degrees while the coldest month averages between 33 and 54. Since neither weather oscillation is extreme, outdoor projects can still be completed in the thick of winter while indoor projects may be addressed year round.

Price Fluctuations Based on Remodeling Demand and Taking Advantage of Off-Seasons

One facet of the “when to remodel” question that you may want to consider relates to cost fluctuations based on the demand for specific projects. Just as in the wider economy, remodeling is subject to the rules of supply and demand.

Most obviously, this means that you’ll have to pay more for certain project contacts that are popular at certain times. Beyond the contract cost itself, you’ll also pay more or less for specific materials that are in higher and lower demand throughout the year. Since Dallas is temperate year round, there will be smaller price fluctuations overall, but there are still ways to take advantage of “off-seasons.”

For instance, consider that more home owners will want to remodel their outdoor spaces in spring to prepare for the summer; that they’ll want to repair their furnace in the fall to prepare for the winter; and that they will want to address major indoor remodeling projects when they can be away from the home on vacation during summer months or before major holidays such as Christmas and new year.

Take advantage of the off-season by thinking ahead: check your HVAC systems and furnace in the summer. Secure a contract for outdoor projects in the winter. Inquire from you contractor about the best time for indoor projects.

When It Works for Your Contractor

When all is said and done, the best way to decide when to remodel is to decide which remodeling company you want to work with. In the long run, you’ll be much more satisfied if you work with a trustworthy home remodeling company who will reduce stress during the remodel and provide expert craftsmanship than you would be if you elected a remodeling company that could perform their task hastily to meet a hard deadline with less regard to quality. In other words, base your remodeling timeline on your chosen remodeler, because the right contractor is more important than the immediate timeline. 

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