Inside This Stunning Kitchen Remodel in Frisco

Posted by Matt Ates | July 18, 2018

Innovation, quality and care flood this gorgeous kitchen remodel incorporating world-class features, appliances, and fixtures. From it's clean lines and textured walls to the incredible space and storage, this kitchen remodel embodies everything the homeowners dreamed it would.



Upon entering this stunning kitchen, you'll notice the excellent use of space and storage. With upper and lower cabinets lining the walls, including a gorgeous full-length pantry, finding space for all the kitchen essentials is an easy task.

This space also features a huge kitchen island with an area for seating, more storage, and an in-island sink. Placing the sink in the island makes for easy food prep and the opportunity to chat with guests in your luxurious space.


As you continue through the kitchen, the detailed lines help focus the eye and bring attention to the details. This fluctuating line pattern conveys drama and movement and makes this beautiful industrial stove top and range hood the focal point of this alluring kitchen.
Elongated cabinets on the opposite wall also draw some attention and move the eye vertically throughout the space creating visual height and an allusion of higher ceilings.


This remodel didn't stop in the kitchen. The owners also wanted an updated and modern wet bar with appealing visual features for a brilliant place to entertain family and friends.

The implied texture of the wall and backsplash add just the right amount of interest without overwhelming the style and ambiance of the impressive bar. The 'L' shaped counter helps draw the covered wall and the backsplash together to create an elegant and sophisticated space.




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