I Wish We Had Remodeled our Kitchen Sooner – But it isn’t too Late!

Posted by Matt Ates | October 19, 2017

I Wish We Had Remodeled our Kitchen Sooner – But it isn’t too Late!.jpgThanksgiving Regrets

Thanksgiving is over, and you may find yourself wishing you had played it a little differently. Perhaps the time with family was rich and the food was beyond reproach. Your stress levels, on the other hand, were escalated because of having to host in a cramped home where you were solely responsible for Thanksgiving dinner because of space limitations in your kitchen. Perhaps you wish you had thought ahead so that you could have completed your Dallas kitchen remodeling project well before the holidays were upon you.

Looking Ahead

The good news is that it isn’t too late. This year’s holiday season may have passed, but there will always be another family event to host, and no time is better than now to begin preparation. Here are some kitchen remodeling ideas to ensure next year’s holidays in Dallas, TX, are hassle-free.

Add Counter Space

The worst problem to have in any kitchen is limited counter space. Without ample prep room for small cooking appliances, ingredients, cutting boards, etc., you’ll find that cooking alone is the only option. Consult with your remodeling company to brainstorm on how you can increase your counter space by expanding your kitchen or rearranging it to optimize your existing layout.  

Add a Prep Sink and Other Fixtures

Second to counter space, an extra prep sink is one of the most indispensable elements in accommodating extra cooks. If you have room, go ahead and add a prep sink alongside a second wall oven, range top, or small refrigerator.

Increase Lighting

As anyone who works in a poorly-lit kitchen can tell you, nothing is more frustrating than trying to prepare a meal without sufficient lighting. Replace or install ceiling lights, sun lights, under-the-cabinet-lights, and pendant spot lights to illumine your work area.

Replace Old Appliances

Remodeling is also the best time to replace old appliances. If your refrigerator, oven, stove top, and dishwasher are all old models, it’s time to update everything at once. You’ll be surprised by how quickly appliance replacements can completely transform your kitchen’s look into an attractive, modern, sleek, and efficient space where you and your guests will want to cook.

Best of all, buying new appliances means you’ll be able to select energy efficient models that will save you money on utility bills over time. (You can check reviews on appliances you’re considering purchasing on Consumer Reports.)

Keep it Open

Finally, remember to keep your kitchen open to the rest of your house. This is particularly important when hosting since a kitchen with multiple entrances and/or at least one wall exposed to the rest of the home will enable you to carry on a conversation with your guests as you prepare your meal.

Looking Ahead

This year’s regrets can become next year’s success if you act sooner than later to change what you know doesn’t work. Before you begin your Dallas kitchen remodeling project, be sure to view our kitchen gallery to see if there are any design ideas you may not have entertained but would love to incorporate.  


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