How to Create a Beautiful and Functional Kitchen Without a Large Floorplan and Expensive Budget

Posted by Matt Ates | January 16, 2018

How to Create a Beautiful and Functional Kitchen Without a Large Floorplan and Expensive Budget.jpgNaturally, any major kitchen transformation will require a reasonably-sized budget. This doesn’t mean, however, that a huge footprint and sky high budget are prerequisites for creating a beautiful and functional kitchen design in Dallas, TX. Attractive kitchens are much more about elegant and purposeful design than large spaces, expensive materials, and cutting-edge technology.  

How to Transform Your Kitchen’s Layout, Function, and Style

Fortunately for those seeking to remodel with limited space and funds, a strong design trend toward minimalism continues to thrive in the New Year. This means that simple and dependable layouts and materials are more attractive to home owners and home buyers than ornate finishes and elaborate appliances and technologies.

The kitchens of 2018 are likely to focus on preserving classic design trends like open floor plans and islands with storage and barstool seating. Both of these layout choices work well with limited square footage and budgets since they make kitchens feel more spacious while meeting functional needs without significant monetary investments. New style trends are also cost-effective, emphasizing easily implemented design choices like darker colors, two-tone cabinets, and cost-effective custom touches like patterned tile backsplashes.

New appliance trends are cost friendly as well. While smart technology that can remotely control appliances from a single application have gained user interest and momentum, designers and appliance manufacturers report that many home owners often opt for simple technologies that remain accessible to guests and family members of all ages. Instead of the newest technology, emphasis is placed on practical usage designs such as full-extension cabinets and universal design countertop heights.

How to Choose Custom Cabinet Materials and Styles

Home owners prize sturdy structure above elaborate ornamentation in their kitchen cabinets just like they prize functional technology above innovative appliance implementation. The sturdiest materials include hardwoods such as ash, birch, cherry, hickory, hard maple, red oak, white oak, and pine. Hardwood cabinets may be more expensive than their laminate and veneer counterparts, but saving money on innovative technologies and appliances will allow you to make this worthwhile and ever stylish investment.

Provided your materials and hardware construction are stable, you’ll have great freedom in choosing cabinet face types and framed or frameless cabinet construction, but keep in mind that sleek and simple designs are in favor.

How to Choose a Countertop Material

Just as functionality is prized in cabinet material and style selection, so too is it prized in countertop selection. We’ve assembled a guide describing the five most popular countertop material choices, complete with their care and maintenance requirements. Opt for a classic and sturdy material that stylistically matches your new 2018 color scheme.

It’s Never Too Late to Begin

Finally, remember that it’s never too late to begin renovating for a new kitchen design in Dallas, TX. You may have delayed renovation because you were afraid that your space constraints and limited budget wouldn’t enable you to achieve your goals. But when you seek more information, you may be pleasantly surprised by what’s possible. Now that you know some tips to help you maximize your space and funds, you can proceed to plan your upcoming kitchen remodel with eager confidence.


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