How to Better Visualize Your North Dallas Area Remodeling Project

Posted by Matt Ates | October 09, 2017

How to Better Visualize Your North Dallas Area Remodeling Project.jpgOpening Thoughts

Every successful plan begins with a well-developed vision. But where do visions begin, and how do you know if you’ve developed a vision you’ll like after execution as much as in conceptualization? Here are some tips and tools to get you started.

Identifying Your Objectives

Before you begin any planning, pull out a pencil and paper and write a list of your objectives. Start with the big picture: why do you want to remodel? What do you hope to gain? Even if it’s as simple as “need more space,” “want to update,” or “broken water pipe,” write it down.

Next, make a checklist of needs that must be met and a second checklist of goals you’d like to meet. Be as specific as possible, thinking through every component that does and doesn’t work in your current space.

Garnering Inspiration

Now comes the fun part: follow your favorite remodelers on Instagram and create an Ideabook on Houzz. Store every image that speaks to you, even if the project is unrelated to your own. Pay attention to the materials, colors, and textures that you repeatedly gravitate toward.

Once you’ve identified your stylistic vision, view project-specific photos and make note of any function-related ideas you may not have considered or known existed. Even if you eventually end up discarding them, you’ll have gained a more solid understanding of why you want what you want. 

Applying Plans to Particular Places – Tools to Try it on Your Own

Now is the time to try to integrate the inspiration you’ve gathered into designs for your own home. Go back to your original objectives checklist and omit any style or design ideas from your Houzz Ideabook that don’t match your goals.

Once you’ve narrowed down your options and formed a tentative idea for your space, try it out on your own. There are several outstanding free and low-cost apps you can use, many of which Curbed highlighted in a recent article, to visualize design changes, paint colors, furniture additions, etc.

Don’t worry about getting it perfect: these apps aren’t designed to replace high-quality, 3D architectural renderings, and you don’t have to know everything you want right away; this exercise is meant as a preliminary tool to help you visualize your general ideas. 

Applying Plans to Particular Places – Bringing in the Experts

Now that you’ve planned your renovation changes as thoroughly as possible, it’s time to collaborate with experts. Schedule a consultation with your remodeling company to meet at your house, discuss your goals, and check which of your ideas are possible and which need revision. Your whole home remodeling expert will then record your objectives and take measurements to create an initial proposal with allowances.

Solidifying Selections

Once you’ve reviewed, adjusted, and signed the project proposal, it’s time to solidify your material selections with your contractor. Your remodeler will be able to present possibilities and help you pick the best options available within your allocated budget.

3D Rendering Services in Dallas, TX

This is the exciting phase where all of your preliminary work on your own and all of your meetings with your contractor will take shape. With your material selections in place, your contractor will prepare a 3D rendering to take you on a virtual tour of your new house. These renderings will allow you to make any design, style, and material adjustments necessary before construction begins to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

Closing Thoughts

Every company has a unique design process they follow, but the above guidelines will help you visualize your project no matter what your home renovation goals. Your biggest takeaway is this: always make sure you utilize 3D rendering services in Dallas, TX, because this final step is the culmination of all your past planning efforts and the cornerstone of all your future construction success.


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