How to Avoid Remodeling Regrets

Posted by Matt Ates | October 12, 2017

How to Avoid Remodeling Regrets.jpgOpening Thoughts

We hate to say it, but sometimes, the best way to know what not to do is to learn from other people’s mistakes. Today, we took our cue from a recent Houzz poll on remodeling regrets to extrapolate four of the most common remodeling regrets. Be sure to take a look at this list before beginning your own home remodel in Dallas.

#1. Choosing the Wrong Contractor

Probably the most commonly-cited regret is picking the wrong contractor. So how do you know who’s the right contractor? Ideally, you receive a recommendation from a friend who has worked with the remodeling company before and can give you an idea of what to expect in terms of communication and craftsmanship.

If a word-of-mouth recommendation isn’t possible, start by checking Houzz, Facebook, and website reviews. But don’t stop here. Contact the remodeling company you’re considering hiring and ask to be put in touch with former clients so that you can chat with them on the phone about their experience.

#2. Trying to Save too Much Money

There are certainly times and places to save, however, some Houzz remodelers are full of regrets for projects where they chose to skimp and save instead of investing in changes that would have had lasting positive effects on their home.

Whether it was opting for a less durable countertop, not taking the time to raise a ceiling height, or deciding to keep a bathtub instead of upgrading to a walk-in shower, home remodelers regret living with sub-par renovations to save insignificant sums and, in some cases, spending more ultimately by going back and remodeling for what they really wanted.

#3 Not Planning Carefully

Another common regret is not taking the time to plan properly. Most often, this is paired with regret number 2: trying to save too much money. The most satisfied homeowner remodelers are those who took the time to plan one project at a time as funds became available. This phase-by-phase remodel approach has the benefit of allowing homeowners to carefully consider each design option rather than growing overwhelmed by too many choices all at once.

Another aspect of renovating before planning carefully is not using 3D renderings. Homeowners who invested a little extra time and money into imaging the results of their ideas before implementing them were able to revise plans as necessary before installing only to realize the results didn’t match the vision.

4. Not Going with Your Gut Instincts and Not Accepting Advice

Another common remodeling regret participants reported was being talked out of what they really wanted. For instance, some homeowners reported wishing they had installed the bathtub they wanted instead of installing walk-in showers for resale value (or the exact opposite scenario).

Then again, other homeowners report wishing they had followed their contractor’s advice on tile materials rather than going with their own instincts because the result was nothing like what they imagined. The moral of the story? Know what you want and don’t be afraid to go with it if you plan to stay in your home long-term instead of reselling, but also remain open and flexible to expert advice.

Closing Thoughts

The good news is that remodeling doesn’t have to be like picking your way through a mine field of potentially bad choices. If you do find the right contractor for your home remodel in Dallas, TX, the stress of nearly every other decision or unexpected setback will be greatly alleviated, because you’ll know you’re in experienced hands.


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