How Much Does a North Dallas Area Whole Home Remodeling Project Cost?

Posted by Matt Ates | October 31, 2017

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We’ve run reports on how much a home addition costs and how much a bathroom remodel costs, but what if you’re considering a whole house remodel in Dallas, TX? These numbers are a little harder to evaluate since there can be so many varietal components involved based on the individual homeowner’s goals, but we’ve assembled some average estimates below on midrange and upscale whole home remodels in the Dallas area.

(The figures cited here are according to the Remodeling 2017 Cost vs. Value Report for the West South Central U.S. area.[© 2017 Hanley Wood Media Inc. Complete data from the Remodeling 2017 Cost vs. Value Report can be downloaded free at])

Major Midrange Remodels

A midrange basement remodel, bathroom remodel, and major kitchen remodel costs $140,489. Breaking the numbers down, we have a basement remodel that costs $64,827 and recoups 80.8% for a cash return of $52,368; a bathroom remodel that costs $16,778 and recoups 69.4%, or $11,641; and a major kitchen remodel that costs $58,884 and returns 70% at $41,234. The overall cash recoup on all three investments comes in at $105,243.

Minor Midrange Remodels

Other smaller cost replacements for midrange remodels include installing fiberglass attic insulation, a steel entry door replacement, a garage door replacement, a minor kitchen remodel, a roofing replacement, a siding replacement, and a universal design bathroom, all amounting to $70,365.

Looking at the individual cost components, the fiberglass attic insulation comes in at $1,302 and returns 108.4% of the investment at $1,412; the entry door replacement costs $1,349 and returns 75.6% of costs at $1,020; the garage door costs $1,629 and returns $1,113 at 68.4%; the minor kitchen remodel costs $19,397 and returns 81.6% at $15,831; the roofing costs $19,125 and returns 69.2% at $13,234; the siding costs $13,514 and generates a 70.3% return of $9,501; and the universal design bathroom costs $14,049 and returns 69.4% at $9,746. Overall, the returns amount to $51,857.

Comprehensive Midrange Remodels

Adding all major midrange remodels with the minor midrange remodels and subtracting the minor kitchen remodel and universal design bathroom remodel costs (in favor of the major kitchen remodel and standard bathroom remodel), a midrange whole house remodel near Dallas, TX, costs $177,408.

Major Upscale Remodels

Upscale major remodels encompass a bathroom remodel and a major kitchen remodel, which together amount to $174,288. The bathroom remodel cost comes in at $56,630 and returns 59.7% of the investment for a recoup of $33,792. The major kitchen remodel is quoted at $117,658 and generates a 62.5% return of $73,550. Together, the projects return $107,342.

Minor Upscale Replacements

Upscale minor renovation replacements include a new, fiberglass entry door, a new, grand entrance, a new garage door, new vinyl windows, and new wood windows. Together, these projects amount to $47,655. Omitting the vinyl windows, the cost is $32,819. Omitting the wood windows, the cost is $29,523.

Individually, the replacements come in as follows: the standard fiberglass entry door costs $3,221 and return 75.3%, or $2,427; the grand entrance costs $8,203 and returns 81.3% at $6,669; the garage door costs $3,263 and returns 84% at $2,740; the vinyl windows cost $14,836 and return 70% at $10,379; the wood windows cost $18,132 and generate a 70.1% return of $12,703.

Comprehensive Upscale Remodels

Adding the major upscale remodel costs to the minor upscale replacement costs, we get an overall expenditure of $207,107 for a home with wooden windows and $203,811 for a home with vinyl windows.

Closing Thoughts

As you begin to budget for your own whole home remodel, be sure to visit our photo gallery page for inspiration and download our free e-book, Remodeling a House, Creating a Home.

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