How Much Does a Dallas Home Addition Cost?

Posted by Matt Ates | August 19, 2017

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Sometimes, rearranging rooms and reorganizing your things doesn’t cut it and you just need more space. If your city’s zoning rules allow, home additions can be the best solution. Today, let’s take a look at price point averages for bathroom additions, master suite additions, family room additions, and second-story additions in Dallas, TX.

The figures cited here are according to the Remodeling 2017 and Cost vs. Value Report for the Dallas, TX, area. [© 2017 Hanley Wood Media Inc. Complete data from the Remodeling 2017 Cost vs. Value Report can be downloaded free at])

Bathroom Additions

                In Dallas, standard bathroom additions cost an average of $41,514 and return an average of $22,292 for a 53.7% ROI. These numbers are based on a 6-by-8 foot bathroom with a vanity, a standard faucet, a 30-by-60-inch tub/shower, a standard toilet, a linen storage cabinet, ceramic tile flooring, and general and spot lighting.

                Upscale bathroom additions come in at $78,440 and return $43,757 for a 55.8% cost recoup. This purchases a 100-square-foot master bathroom featuring a dual vanity with stone countertops and mirrored medicine cabinets; a 42-by-42-inch frameless glass shower; a compartmentalized commode, large ceramic tile flooring, an extended HVAC system, including in-floor heating, and general and spot lighting.

Master Suite Additions

                Standard master suite additions cost $114,682 and return $72,500 for a 63.2% ROI. This quote includes a 24-by-16-foot carpeted area with a walk-in closet and a bathroom featuring dual vanities, a 3-by-4-foot shower, a freestanding soaker tub, ceramic tile flooring, an exhaust fan, and general and spot lighting.

                Upscale master suite additions come in at $242,409, returning $131,400 for a 54.2% ROI. This buys a 32-by-20-foot bedroom with a lounging area, custom bookcases, built-in storage units, and a gas fireplace and mantle. French doors are installed. A large walk-in closet with lights, mirrors, and storage is also included.

Adjacent to the closet is a bathroom with two separate custom vanities with stone countertops and mirrors, a frameless glass walk-in shower, a freestanding soaker tub, a separate commode, a 5-foot-long hospitality bar with a sink, a refrigerator, a microwave, and custom cabinetry with a granite or marble countertop. In-floor heating, custom wall finishes, and general and spot lighting are also added.

Family Room Additions

                Family room additions cost $84,527 and resell at $52,682 for an ROI of 62.3%. These numbers are based on a 16-by-25-foot room with siding, a fiberglass shingle roof, drywall and insulation, a hardwood floor, 180-square-feet of glazing, including exterior doors, windows, and two operable skylights, general lighting, and heating and cooling systems incorporated into the home’s existing HVAC system.

Two-Story Additions

                Two-story additions are quoted at $172,225 and usually return $90,587 for a 52.6% ROI. The addition includes a 24-by-16-foot, two-story wing with a first-floor family room and a second-floor bedroom and bathroom. The family room includes a gas fireplace, 11 windows, an exterior door, and carpeted floors.

                The upstairs features a bedroom with a walk-in closet, carpeted floors, and general and spot lighting, as well as a 5-by-8-foot full bathroom with a vanity, a mirrored medicine cabinet, a tub/shower unit, a standard toilet, vinyl flooring, and an exhaust fan. An independent HVAC system is also installed for the new addition.

Closing Thoughts

                While every project and price will be different, the above figures give you an excellent place to start when planning your budget for your own Dallas home addition. For a more specific quote on your personal project, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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