How HGTV Creates Unrealistic Expectations for those Interested in Remodeling

Posted by Matt Ates | December 31, 2017

How HGTV Creates Unrealistic Expectations for those Interested in Remodeling.jpgHGTV Remodeling Misconceptions

HGTV home renovation shows are wonderful sources of inspiration for transforming ordinary homes into exquisite showpieces. Viewers often walk away with new, creative, and adaptable design ideas to implement into their own home remodeling in Dallas, TX. They may also walk away, however, with unrealistic expectations about the remodeling process. The most common of these remodeling misconceptions is the expected timeframe for completing projects.

The HGTV Home Remodeling Timeline

The typical HGTV episode is encapsulated in just over 20 minutes. This means that viewers will often watch at least 2 or 3 episodes at a time, at least 3 times a week, which amounts to between 312 and 468 complete renovation project viewings a year. It should also be noted that these renovation projects are nearly all whole-home remodels.

Moreover, many of the featured home renovations are completed by the same hosts. As an example, Atlanta’s “Flip or Flop” show introduction begins with its hosts stating that they remodel over 100 houses a year. It should be noted that these houses are often some of the most structurally compromised abodes on the market and therefore demand structural as well as superficial and stylistic alterations.

Everyday Home Remodeling Timelines

How do these TV home remodel numbers compare with those completed by small, high-end remodeling companies? It depends on the size and scope of the project. In general, however, an individually-owned renovation company might be expected to complete approximately three whole-home remodels, two kitchen remodels, and three or four bathroom remodels within the course of a year.

Why the Disparity?

So what accounts for the large disparity in these numbers? The most obvious reason is that not everything done behind the scenes in HGTV shows is documented on camera. HGTV remodelers work with hundreds of local, specialized construction crews, fresh and immediately available for each project, laboring around the clock. The hosts of the show, while they direct the project, are by no means the only constructors. Additionally, only the top highlights of the project are aired.

Additionally, TV remodelers have the entire home to themselves, not having to worry about working around the schedules of home owners still residing on-site throughout the project’s duration. Finally, HGTV hosts are solely responsible for their home remodels from beginning to end, meaning that they make all layout decisions and stylistic alterations without consulting anyone else along the way, which greatly expedites the overall process.  

What Realistic Timelines Mean for Home Owners

It might seem like a drawback to extend a renovation project beyond a couple days, but actually, it can be extremely exciting to watch change progressively develop and to be a part of the decision making at each phase. Not only does an extended timeline enable you as the homeowner to be a co-leader in the renovation transformation, but it also enables your contractor to take time to assess each project phase and oversee it thoroughly.

So while HGTV is a wonderful source of exciting inspiration, viewers who plan to remodel their own homes should be careful to understand the intrinsic differences between the remodeling process represented on TV and the process of ordinary remodeling projects in Dallas.


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