Home Design Trends For the Heart of Your Home – Your Kitchen

Posted by Matt Ates | January 01, 2018

Home Design Trends For the Heart of Your Home – Your Kitchen.jpgNew beginnings are opportunities for transformation, and the New Year is no exception. Like every other lifestyle choice, home design elements are ever-evolving. Some trends cycle in and out yearly, while other design elements remain popular for generations. Today, we’ll take a look at both new and timeless kitchen designs in Dallas.

Function and Layout 1: Open Floor Plans

Open layouts in the heart of the home have become not only popular but even expected. In fact, open floor plans are number one on’s list of what home buyers want most. Open layouts have been popular for decades, and market trends indicate they’re not likely to move out of favor.

Function and Layout 2: Islands

Because food and fellowship go hand-in-hand, kitchens are natural family gathering spaces. To accommodate this reality, large islands with plenty of seating have become highly desirable. Not only are they wonderful places to enjoy casual family breakfasts and lunches, but they’re also a great place for kids to finish homework after school and parents to work from home, pay bills, plan events, or check personal devices.

Function and Layout 3: Storage

The need for increased kitchen storage works beautifully with the rising popularity of kitchen islands since what islands do best is provide spacious storage. But creating enough space is only one piece of the puzzle. “Smart storage,” as it has now become known, is an increasingly popular way to move toward energy-efficient and minimalistic spaces. Not every innovative design will be applicable to every kitchen, but it’s beneficial to consider which systems may improve your own. 

Function and Layout 4: Warming Drawers, Induction Cooktops, and Steam Ovens

So far, the three suggestions above are all more or less “permanent trends” for kitchen design in Dallas, TX. What’s particularly unique to kitchen designs in 2018, according to NAHB Now, is the popularity of appliance additions such as warming drawers, induction cooktops, and steam ovens. Of course, it’s important to not overdo special appliances; instead, carefully select appliances that will work for your cooking needs.

Style 1: Darker Colors and Two-Tone Cabinets

Stylistically, we’re seeing a trend toward deeper and darker colors, such as black stainless steel appliances, deep plum accent walls, navy blues, and smoky grays. Alongside this, many homeowners are opting for two-tone cabinets. Often, the colors aren’t drastically opposed but rather reflect various hues within the same pallet. A continuity of cabinet design also unites the dual tones.

Style 2: Custom Tile Backsplashes

Finally, custom tile backsplashes are also gaining momentum. At first, glass or white subway tiles were standard, then innovative patterns and cuts were introduced, and now a vast array of patterns and color palettes are available on the market. Just as you can customize your wardrobe or your phone case, so too you can now customize your home accents.

Watch for these six function, layout, and style trends in the kitchens of 2018, and talk to us when you’re ready to incorporate them into your own home.


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