Elevate Your Master bathroom with These Trendy Tile Ideas

Posted by Matt Ates | September 16, 2018

Ceramic tile has been at home in bathrooms for generations, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing new under the showerhead. Take a look at these ideas to add zip or class to your master bath with tiles.


Yes, subway tile, the ubiquitous 3-by-6-inch shiny white ceramic rectangle, showed up in underground train stations of the world more than 100 years ago, and it has been a fashion statement in bathrooms for decades. But how about turning the tile on its head in a herringbone pattern — a very trendy look this year.

Up the Tub

Here’s an idea: Run that bold patterned tile from the floor up the tub surround for a dramatic effect.

Up the Wall

Running a stripe of patterned tile up the middle of a white-tiled wall will grab the eye without overwhelming the room the way an entire wall of the same tile might do.

Jagged Edge

Here’s another way to bring pizzazz into your bathroom without overpowering it. Using hexagonal tiles, leave the edges “jagged,” rather than tiling all the way to the edge of the wall and then cutting the tiles off. What might just be a backsplash in wet areas comes across as a bold fashion statement.

Blue and Bold

Blue is big again in 2018, and designers aren’t afraid to do it in tile. Look for indigo, azures, and turquoise.

Oh, Ombre

For a very cool look, try an “ombre” approach, which just means a gradation from one color or tone to another. This mosaic bathroom tile was laid painstakingly to achieve the ombre effect.


Textured tiles can lend a classy look to a bathroom, especially when used as an accent on a wall.


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