Converting Your North Dallas Home Into an Open-Concept Floor Plan

Posted by Matt Ates | December 29, 2017

2017.05.31_-_St_Andrews_-_1-1.jpgThe History of Open-Concept Floor Plans

Open floor plans first came in vogue after World War II. While open-concept living is a relatively new trend, it’s also one that has only gained consumer popularity in the last seventy or so years. Rather than enjoying a short-lived denouement in interior design in Dallas, TX, like many home trends, opening and connecting at minimum the heart of the home has now become not only common but even expected.

How to Convert Your Own Home: Walls and Ceilings

While it’s relatively easy to convert most closed-concept floor plans into open ones, this initiative shouldn’t be taken on as a DIY project. This is because you’ll need an experienced full service contractor to guide you through which walls are safe to remove and which walls are load-bearing and should be replaced with beams, columns, or other supports.

Additionally, nearly every wall has either electricity or duct work running through it, and often both, so you’ll need to understand how to remove walls without damaging your systems and how to reroute current electrical and HVAC pathways. Professional contractors will, of course, also be able to more effortlessly integrate flooring and patch ceilings and walls for a polished finish.

But opening your home is not just a matter of opening your internal floor plan. Often, vaulting a ceiling is also an option. If you own an older home, creating space vertically as well as horizontally can be relatively simple because many older homes have ceilings that were dropped to conserve heating costs. Creating open spaces by removing walls and vaulting ceilings increases lighting, visual space, room flow, and social time with family and guests; it also often boosts your home’s resale value.

How to Convert Your Own Home: Examples

Let’s take a quick look at some of the creative ways in which home owners have implemented open interior designs into their Dallas, TX, homes.


Converting Your North Dallas Home Into an Open-Concept Floor Plan-3.jpg

In one of our clients’ houses, we created an open concept floor plan that united the entire first floor both with itself and with its outdoor space through tall windows, large French doorways, glass windows between rooms, and an open stairwell with a glass railing.


Another of our client’s houses was more closed by nature, but we found ways to maximize its flow through opening its hallways and

implementing arches, creating uninterrupted visual lines  between rooms, and

Converting Your North Dallas Home Into an Open-Concept Floor Plan-5.jpgadding “stable” amenities l ike fireplaces even in transitional spaces.

Converting Your North Dallas Home Into an Open-Concept Floor Plan-4.jpg




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