8 Questions to Ask Your North Dallas Area Remodeling Company Before You Hire Them

Posted by Matt Ates | August 13, 2017


Opening Thoughts

                You’re ready for a change. You’ve dreamed about ideas for a new, more beautiful, and more functional house plan. You’ve set aside a working budget for your project. All that remains is finding the right home remodeling company for the job.

Believe it or not, choosing the right company is the most important decision you’ll make regarding your remodeling project. So we’ve assembled a list of questions to guide you through the remodeling company selection process. It’s essential to discover the answers to these questions before signing the dotted line.

What’s Your Company’s History?

                If you want to determine the success of a remodeling company’s future projects, look to their past projects. How long has the company been in business? Do they have workers’ compensation insurance? What about liability insurance? A steady past indicates a steady future.

Thaddeus Drew Remodeling, for instance, has been a reliable remodeling contractor in the North Dallas area since 2005, and its owner grew up in the industry. Look for a long and stable business history to establish trust with your contractor.

What Do Your Customers Say About You?

                Another reliable way to check your contractor’s credibility is to research their reviews. Be sure to read website testimonials, Facebook reviews, Houzz reviews, etc. These write-ups will also give you a wonderful idea of your company’s specialties and personality.

Who’s on Staff and What is the Communication Framework?

                Know how your contracting company works. How many people are on staff? Who is in charge of which aspects of the project? If anything unexpected occurs, who should you contact and what is their preferred medium of communication? Understanding the company’s structure up front will help prevent confusion, frustration, and communication delays.

Who Will be Here on a Daily Basis?

                Before you commit to a contractor, it’s important to meet people who will be involved in your home remodel on a daily basis. This of course includes the project manager, but it can also be helpful to get to know some site workers to establish confidence and facilitate open lines of communication.             

What is Your Daily Work Schedule?

                Sometimes it can be easy to forget to ask logistical questions, but these are just as essential as communication-oriented questions. One of the best ways to keep a smooth work flow is to ensure that your contractor’s daily work schedule matches one that your lifestyle can accommodate.

Will You Obtain Permits and Handle Home Inspections?

                Delineate responsibilities as early as you can. Discussing who is responsible for what during every step of the project is a wonderful way to prevent any misunderstanding and to reduce stress.

What is the Payment Plan?

                Understand when you’ll be expected to pay for what. Some contractors expect a full payment up front, while others work in a series of installments so that each phase of the construction project is financed progressively.

What is Our Overall Timeline?

                Finally, be sure to understand the scope of your project from beginning to end by obtaining an estimated completion time from your contractor. Ask whether your contractor foresees any possible challenges along the way that might affect this timeline and/or the quoted cost.

Closing Thoughts

Every project has unique challenges, but the best way to reduce those challenges is to openly communicate about them from the outset. If your potential home remodeling company can confidently and competently communicate about the above questions, you can rest easy signing a contract.

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