8 Dream Baths for Your New Master Bathroom

Posted by Matt Ates | June 18, 2018

1. Shower-Bathtub Combinations

Perhaps the most popular bathtub option available is the shower-bathtub combination, also known as the alcove. The alcove is set against a bathroom wall and conserves space by accommodating a shower fixture for dual bathing. Although it’s now more popular to install separate shower and bathtub fixtures if space allows, alcove tubs become the perfect luxury bathtub option for smaller master bathrooms in Dallas, TX, when fitted with a glass entrance rather than a fabric curtain.

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2. Free-Standing

In master bathrooms where space abounds, free-standing bathtubs are particularly elegant. From innovative rectangular designs to traditional claw-foot tubs, slipper tubs, and Japanese Ofuro tubs, you’ll find many designs to suit your taste. Free-standing tubs may be acrylic, cast iron, fiber, glass, or solid surface, such as rock crystal carved tubs. As pictured on Houzz, these bathtubs often come in a variety of creative colors as well. With free-standing tubs, styles to suit a bather’s fancy are as vast as the ocean!


3. Soaking

Soaking tubs are typically deeper than standard bathtubs, allowing bathers to fully immerse themselves in water for supreme comfort. They come in many shapes and styles, but their depth is what sets them apart and makes them especially luxurious.       



4. Hot Tub

While more expensive than most other bathtub styles, hot tub bathtubs are the perfect spa-like feature to make you feel pampered. They are deep and are often equipped with features that blast water and air bubbles to massage and reinvigorate bathers. When paired with chromatherapy features, your bathing experience in a hot tub is nothing short of divine.


5. Platform

Platform tubs, or drop-in tubs, are tub shells fitted inside a frame where the rim of the tub is flush with the deck in which it’s mounted. Platform-style tubs work well with deep soaking shells and lend a particularly opulent appearance to your bathroom because of their expansive enclosures.


6. Undermount

Undermount bathtubs are very similar to platform tubs, except that their rims are covered in either stone or tile. As with platform tubs, the walls of undermount tubs are often surrounded by tile or, in some instances, encased in cabinetry. Undermount tubs provide a perfect opportunity for you to play with designs and materials.


7. Corner

Corner tubs, as their name intimates, are situated in the corner of a bathroom and are built with expansive, square-shaped proportions that cater to the individual or couple looking for a luxurious bathing experience. Don’t be surprised to find a lot of design innovation going on here as well.

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8. Walk-in

Finally, walk-in bathtubs include a door that allows bathers to enter without having to clamber over bathtub rims. These are particularly useful for the elderly and impaired.


Closing Thoughts

With any bathtub you select, remember that comfort is paramount. Make sure the length, height, and curvature fit comfortably with your body rather than judging solely on aesthetics. Install in-floor heating, speakers, digital controls, and more to complete your spa-like experience!




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