6 Tell-Tale Signs That Your Dallas Area Home is Outdated

Posted by Matt Ates | January 31, 2018

eatingspace_1200.jpgDid you know that 70% of new or prospective home buyers report that their current homes have outdated design features? Is it possible that your home is outdated too? The good news is that moving to a new home to find updated features is a last resort. Usually, home updates can much more quickly and cost-effectively be accomplished through a whole home remodel, and the transformative power of such a whole home remodel in Dallas, TX, can be almost equal to moving into an entirely new space.

Six Tell-Tale Signs that Your Home is Out of Date

So what are home owners’ top complaints for outdated homes? According to a consumer survey by Wakefield Research and Taylor Morrison, the six most common outdated features are: linoleum floors, popcorn ceilings, wood paneling, ceramic tile countertops, shag carpets, and avocado green appliances. If any of these features may be found in your home, it’s time for a change!

The Most Essential Updates Your New Home Should Include

So what exactly should replace these outdated features? The same survey collected information on the top most attractive home features to potential buyers. In terms of new trends, homeowners prize energy efficient home construction and appliances, floor plans that may be personalized, and easy maintenance. (While new technology is included in this list, it comes in as a much lower preference.)

65% of home buyers also show a strong preference for wood flooring. Ancillary features that are attractive include USB and Ethernet ports (44%), whirlpool tubs (36%), and sun rooms (34%). Some millennials also list home theaters and wine refrigerators or wine cellars as attractive additions.

Regarding overall floor plans, both millennials and older generations tend to prefer open and adaptable arrangements. For instance, while dining rooms may not be used formally by younger generations as they often are by older generations, they are still sought after spaces to place an office, game room, or hobby room. To summarize, buyers are looking for functional and well-designed homes that are not so idiosyncratic that they cannot be customized.

In 2018, we’ve seen a trend toward color schemes that feature deep, rich, intense, and saturated hues. Most home buyers, however, still tend to prefer soft natural tones overall, and most realtors recommend these paint colors as well. If you’re looking to redesign your home for your own needs, you can of course implement any color scheme that suits your preferences and personality, but if you’re looking to resell, it’s smart to keep your colors neutral so that prospective buyers can mentally customize and fill the space with their own imagination.

At Thaddeus Drew Remodeling, while we certainly take on individual room remodels, we specialize in whole home remodels that craft a cohesive concept and refresh the home’s entire ambiance according to our clients’ preferences. In fact, these are our favorite projects to undertake. View our whole home remodel results in Dallas here.

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