5 Popular Countertop Materials to Consider for Your Dallas Kitchen

Posted by Matt Ates | September 07, 2017


Opening Thoughts

                Finishes are often what make the magic in a home remodel. Arguably the most important finish for your Dallas kitchen design is your countertop. Let’s take a look at the practical pros and cons of the most popular types of countertop materials for your Dallas kitchen remodeling project.


                Quartz is among the most durable and visually customizable of countertop options. It is made almost entirely from natural stone, but it is combined with pigment and a polyester resin binder before being installed. Because of this, quartz looks very natural, but it can be colored in numerous varieties, and its seams are less visible than those in one-hundred percent natural stone countertops.

                These benefits, however, do place quartz in a more expensive category than other countertop materials. And while quartz is resistant to bacteria, stains, scratches, and chips, it is affected by heat and can eventually warp and lose its original color if regularly exposed to the sun.


                Granite is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, countertop materials in use today. It is made of 100% natural stone, making it eco-friendly, gorgeous, impact resistant, stain resistant, heat resistant, scratch resistant, and easy to clean.

                Granite may, however, require more routine maintenance than quartz. It must be well-sealed initially and also occasionally resealed to prevent any staining or housing of bacteria within its porous structure. Because it is natural, its colors are also limited to about twenty varieties.

Solid Surface

                Unlike quartz and granite countertops, solid surface countertops are relatively new. They are composed of solid synthetic materials, making them extremely seamless, durable, non-porous, easy to clean,and widely customizable in both color and pattern.

                While solid surface countertops are more affordable than quartz and granite, they are less eco-friendly and less resistant to heat. They also scratch relatively easily, but these scratches can be removed with professional sanding. Their easily repairable nature makes them attractive to families with young children.


                Marble offers an elegance and timeless beauty unparalleled by any other countertop material, natural or synthetic. It is made from metamorphic rock, so each piece is entirely unique in its color and veining. You can also finish it with several different polishes to add further to every piece’s unique appearance.

                Bear in mind, however, that marble is among the most expensive of countertop materials for your kitchen remodeling project in Dallas, making it best suited for families with a lower risk of damaging the material through neglecting necessary annual resealing maintenance.

Butcher Block

                Butcher block countertops, which are made from a variety of differently-colored wood pieces all sanded, sealed, and glued together, are increasingly popular, especially among environmentally-conscious home builders. They are attractive, but they tend to be more of a statement piece, so they are often used in conjunction with one of the materials listed above.

                While butcher block is beautiful and any sort of cut actually contributes to its well-seasoned appeal, it does require regular maintenance. Long-term exposure to moisture can heartily damage its integrity, and it must be routinely resealed and re-oiled when cut to prevent water damage or the opportunity for germ hosting.

Closing Thoughts

                As you consider which type of countertop material to install in your own home, make sure that you are thinking not only in terms of which material you find most attractive but also in terms of what will be the easiest to use and care for and what will look best with your cabinets, backsplashes, and flooring. Feel free to consult with your kitchen remodeling company for pointers on how to select the perfect material for your home.


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