4 Design Tips for a Stunning Master Bathroom

Posted by Matt Ates | May 16, 2018

Your master bathroom is quite possibly one of the most exciting rooms to renovate. Because it’s your own private relaxation room, the boundaries of conventional design can be relaxed and explored to create a getaway that’s personalized.

The best way to foster creativity is to begin with basic guidelines, so here are our 4 master bathroom design tips for your Dallas, TX, remodel.  


1. Start with the Basics

When most of us make cookies, the first ingredient we get out is the most exciting ingredient—chocolate chips—even though it’s the last ingredient added. When it comes to remodeling, finishes are also the place most of us want to start because it’s where the fun begins. The problem with selecting finishes first, however, is that you have no way of knowing how they’ll fit into your final design if you don’t tackle the basics first.

When you approach your master bath remodel, start by considering layout. It can be challenging to think imaginatively about how to optimize your layout in a space whose use has become second nature, so do some research on popular floor plans within your particular dimensions.  

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2. Screen the Toilet

As you plan your layout, think carefully about which fixtures you’ll feature. For instance, you’ll certainly want to screen your toilet, whether behind your vanity or a wall. Doing so lends your master bath an easily-won elegance.


3. Create a Statement Bathing Area

Unlike your toilet, your bathing area is a wonderful element to feature. Nothing can compete with the elegance of a gorgeously-designed, freestanding soaker tub. Your shower area can be equally luxurious, with detailed tile work and stretches of pristine, frameless glass. When considering layout, put your spa area in the limelight.


4. Sprinkle in Fun Finishes

Finally, it’s time to look at those finishes. Because your master bathroom is smaller than many other rooms in your house, your budget may be able to accommodate some more expensive finishes, like fine lighting, that will magnificently contribute to the posh and peaceful environment of your bathroom.

Because it’s also set aside from the heart of your home, you can allow yourself to have fun selecting finishes that don’t exactly match your overall home design scheme. If you feel adventurous, our last master bathroom design tip is this: play around with schemes, colors, and textures outside your design comfort zone. You may just end up with an idea you adore!

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